Wicked-Grips™ for PlayStation 4


Wicked-Grips™ PlayStation 4 High-Performance Controller Grips


Advance Proprietary Material - Delivers superior grip and comfort!

Top Layer Absorbs Moisture and Sweat - Keeps your hands comfortable and dry!

Anti-Microbial & Latex Free - Prevents possible skin irritations.

 Odorless - Made in the USA with high-quality materials. 

Washable!  Like New with a little soap and water.

Multiple Expansion Holes - Makes application quick and easy!

Keyhole Seam Design - Ensures an air-tight application.

Full Controller Coverage - Maximum surface coverage ensures hand comfort for all contact points.

Wicked Grips are made of an amazingly comfortable moisture-absorbing material like no other.  Featuring a low-profile contoured design, Wicked Grips retain your controller's natural fit and feel.  The ideal solution for sweaty hands, plus a superior grip and feel no matter how long you game.  Anti-microbial and latex free, our unique grips are the best money can buy!.  You can count on Wicked-Grips for added performance, comfort, and a wicked competitive edge!

Combo Packs come with a set of Analog Stick Thumb Grips for additional comfort and control.

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