What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?  

A:  No worries!  We offer a 90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!   

What Is Wicked-Grips? 

A:  We got our start back in 2009 selling grips for the PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360.  Our assortment has grown to match pace with innovation in the console gaming world!

Why buy Wicked-Grips? 

A:  Same reason you'd buy an umbrella, shoes or a jacket - to stay dry and comfortable! Not to mention a competitive edge to bootYou'll play better and longer when your hands are dry and comfortable. Not slippery, sweaty or fatigued.

Is it easy to apply a grip to my controller? 

A: Yes, super easy, just follow the application instructions included with your grips. You can also watch our application video to show you exactly how it’s done. There is also a removal video too for when your grips have reached the end of their life! 

How long can I expect my grips to last?

A: With regular cleaning you can expect them to last upwards of two to three years under moderate to heavy use.

How do I take a grip off that’s been on my controller awhile? 

A: The goal is to get the grip off with the adhesive intact. Use a hair dryer to warm grip to a medium heat. Start from one edge and slowly peel the grip off. If you have any residual adhesive we've found that "Goo-Gone" makes quick of cleanup. 

What are Wicked-Grips made of? 

A: Wicked-Grips are made of a proprietary 3- layer material. The top layer is a polyester shell that is comfortable on the skin, absorbent, and washable. The middle layer is a closed cell foam that is latex free and inhibits bacterial growth. The bottom layer is our special removable adhesive.

I put my grips on and they lifted a bit, what should I do? 

A:  This is likely due to residual skin oil which can interfere with the adhesive if it is allowed to build up. With our pick and place adhesive you can adjust for the perfect fit.

When applying the grip for the first time, either game with them immediately or wrap it tightly with cellophane overnight. This will give the adhesive time to set and allow it to adhere to your controller better.

Where are Wicked-Grips made? 

A: Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA!

Will Wicked-Grips fit on other controllers? 

A: Our grips will fit any custom controllers that use standard controller chassis. PowerA, Battle Beaver, Evil controllers and more are all compatible with Wicked Grips! If you find another custom controller brand that works, please let us know.

Where are Wicked-Grips sold?

A:  In addition to being sold on our website, retailers such as GameStop, Amazon, and many others carry our product. If you buy on our site you will receive special offers and announcements as well as direct support from us!

Do you sell to distributors & retailers?

A:  Yes, if you would like to carry Wicked Grips please reach out to us via sales@wicked-grips.com for wholesale pricing and availability!