What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?  A:  No worries!  We offer a 90 Unconditional Money Back Guarantee! For any reason!   (Don’t the fakes, knockoffs and counterfeit guys offer that too?  Yeah, right what planet are you on!)


What makes you guys experts on controller grips?  A:  How bout over a decade designing and making both consumer and pro-gamer grips.   It all started with SquidGrip back in 2009 back when we didn’t know anything.  Hmm… just like our lame competitors today.


Can I get more glow in the dark domes?  A:  Sure, reach out to support@wicked-grips.com  If you’re nice we’ll hook you up!


Is it easy to apply a grip to my controller?  A: Yes, super easy if you follow the application instructions included with your grips.  You can also watch our application video to show you exactly how it’s done.  There is also a removal video too!


How do I take a grip off that’s been on my controller awhile?  A: The goal is to get the grip off with the adhesive in tack.  Use a hair dryer to warm grip to a medium heat.  Start from one edge and slowly peel the grip off.


What are Wicked-Grips made of?  A: Wicked-Grips are made of a proprietary 3- layer material.  The top layer is a polyester shell this is comfortable and absorbent and washable.  The middle layer is a closed cell foam that is latex free and anti-microbial.  The bottom layer is our special removeable adhesive.


I put my grips on and they lifted a bit.  A:  This is likely due to a controller with residual oil or not cleaned properly.  With our pick and place adhesive you can adjust for the perfect fit.  If you’re not going to use your controller immediately wrap it tightly with cellophane overnight.  This will give the adhesive time to setup and more aggressively adhere to your controller.

Where are Wicked-Grips made.  A: Proudly designed and made in the USA!


Can I get a grip for another controller I don’t see on your website?  Our slogan is “Put a Grip on It!”  Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do.  We might even name it after you…. ha ha that’s not happening!


What if I have a question you can’t answer?  A: Yeah, sure, we know everything!   


Enjoy gaming, be safe and Frag On!